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Assessment of Body Composition by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Women of Central India

VAL 121

Ashwini G. Darokar| Mrunal S. Phatak| Barkat Ali Thobani| Amol Kumar Patel.


BACKGROUND: Diabetes mellitus, an impaired blood glucose status is a major cause for loss of valuable human life. The important risk -f actors include: High familial aggregation, insulin resistance, lifestyle changes due to rapid urbanization and obesity specially central one.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: This study was carried out in Diabetics (study group) & non-diabetic (Control group) women of 30-50 years old. They were subjected to Anthropometric measurement and body composition assessment by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

Result and conclusion: It was found that the BMI of study group was significantly higher as compared to that of controls. Values of WC and WHR were significantly higher in Type 2 DM women than control. This shows that there is association of abdominal obesity (WC and WHR) with Type 2 DM. BF % gives the relative percentage of fat in human body. BF% was significantly high in diabetic women than in control. Mean value of body fat % in study group was 35.67±3.03% while that of controls was 28.29±2.66%. This shows that Asians having higher BF % at low BMI values and also individuals with a similar BMI can vary considerably in their abdominal fat mass. In such a situation, body fat would constitute the only true measure of obesity.

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