Phase Angle

Phase Angle (PA) is an electronic measurement of the quality of the body cell membrane using a phase sensitive BIA device at a fixed frequency of 50kHz. The quality of the electronics within the device is fundamental in obtaining accurate and consistent measurements.

Bodystat devices measure PA in degress between 2 and 10 from which Resistance and Reactance is then determined.

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Prediction Marker/Impedance Ratio (IR)

The Prediction Marker or Impedance Ratio is the ratio between the impedance measurement at 200 kHz and 5 kHz. At 200 kHz the current is strong enough to
penetrate the cell membrane and therefore total body water (TBW) can be measured. However, at 5 kHz the membrane cannot be penetrated and only Extracellular Water (ECW) can be measured. Intracellular water (ICW) is derived by TBW-ECW. The greater the variance between the two impedance values at 5 kHz and 200 kHz, the healthier the body cells. To allow easy  monitoring of change, these figures are expressed as a ratio. A ratio closer to 1.00 indicates poor cellular health or extreme fluid overload.

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Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis, or BIVA for short, is a quick, non-invasive BIA measurement which shows results in the form of a vector graph to represent hydration status and body cell mass of an individual.

Whole body measurements are taken which are standardised to height and plot resistance (R) and reactance (Xc) on an R-Xc vector graph.

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