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Bioelectric Impedance Phase Angle in breast carcinoma.


Ruchi Tyagi|Shashank Mishra|Mukesh Kumar|Naveen Gaur|Rajesh Misra|Akshay Prasad.

International Journal of Health & Allied Sciences • Vol. 3 • Issue 1 • Jan-Mar 201

BACKGROUND: Worldwide breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed life threatening cancer and the leading cause of death in women. Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) affords an emerging opportunity to assess prognosis because of its ability to non invasively assess cell and plasma membrane structure and function by means of phase angle.

SUBJECTS /METHODS: Bio Electrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA) BODY STAT QUAD SCAN 4000 was used to measure resistance (R) and reactance (Xc) by recording a voltage drop in applied current. Phase angle is the ratio of reactance to resistance and is a measure of cell vitality. Statistical analysis used: Unpaired “t” test was applied.

RESULTS: In control group, the phase angle showed a mean of 5.479 whereas in test group, it showed a mean value of 4.726. The P value showed significant difference (P < 0.0001). The smaller the phase angle values were higher was the tumor, nodes, metastases (TNM) staging. The phase angles differed significantly from the healthy age matched control values.

CONCLUSION: This study demonstrated that phase angle is a strong predictor of severity of breast cancer and differed significantly between the two groups.


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