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Bioelectric impedance phase angle in carcinoma prostate – a hospital-based study


Ruchi Tyagi|Shashank Mishra|Naveen Gaur|Archana Panwar|Dhanesh Saini|Kiran Singh|
Deepak Kumar|Ghulam Jeelani.

International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health | 2016 | Vol 5 | Issue 09

Background: Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide. A common problem faced by both clinicians and patients is that prostate malignancy does not cause symptoms until it metastasizes or become locally advanced. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) one of the important screening tools is controversial as its low predictive value results in high number of unnecessary prostate biopsies.

Objective: To explore bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) derived phase angle as a screening and prognostic tool in histologically proven prostate cancer.

Material and Methods: This prospective case control study included the measuring of phase angles, PSA, and Gleason scoring in patients of prostate cancer and comparing it with their matched control using unpaired T-Test. All the patients of Carcinoma Prostate were grouped into various stages and one-way Anova was applied followed by post hoc Tukey Krammer test.

Result: Controls showed a mean ± SEM value of 4.790 (0.0424) and cases had a mean ±SEM 3.0048 (0.069). The p-value was <0.0001. Phase angles decreased significantly as the staging advanced showing a p-value of <0.0001.

Conclusion: This study demonstrated that phase angle is a strong predictor of presence and severity of carcinoma prostate patients.

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