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How do you track your body composition?

Understanding correct body composition is key when developing the fitness and health of individuals.

The medical industry states that one of the best ways to assess healthy weight is by monitoring your BMI (Body Mass index) which essentially is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres squared.

As simple as this calculation is, the BMI calculator does not differentiate between fat and muscle mass, as it only takes into account your overall weight. If you are lifting weights, your muscle mass will increase, actually elevating your BMI indicating an unhealthy outcome when in fact the opposite is true.

BMI can therefore be a very inaccurate measurement of health and more fitness professionals are now looking at measuring body composition to establish an accurate assessment of health. By monitoring changes in fat, lean mass and fluid, it also creates a healthy understanding of what is happening inside the body and how the body works, motivating people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A very quick, inexpensive and non-invasive method to measure body composition can be carried out with a portable Bodystat machine which uses bio-electrical impedance (BIA) to accurately measure the quantity of fat, lean muscle and water you have in your body.

The test works by laying the subject down and applying two electrodes to the hand and the foot. A small electrical frequency is passed through the body and measurements of the resistance and reactance to the flow of the current made.

You are therefore able to track these measurements as you build muscle, lose fat or monitor hydration which is essential for peak performance. This can be encouraging and motivational when embarking on a fitness regime, giving you insights and daily trending information to monitor your progress.

Results can be downloaded via Bluetooth directly into our NEW BIAS Windows software or a portable printer for instant analysis. The NEW BIAS Software is recommended when performing repeat tests on the same subject to track changes in body composition via graphic reports.

Many of our customers use Bodystat as a valuable revenue earner by charging for each of the BODYSTAT tests or alternatively as a motivation and promotional tool, providing a value-added service to sell on to new or existing customers.

Based on feedback from its large customer base, the benefits of the BODYSTAT technology is its high-tech innovative method of measuring body composition. Not only is it quick to do the test but also portable and non-invasive with good reproducible qualities that don’t require any degree of skill or training.

Established in 1990 and celebrating its 25 years in business, Bodystat Ltd is a British company and are the developers of one of the World’s leading bio-impedance systems.

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