Imagine you are living in a sunny part of the world, close to the beach and mountains, near friends and family from generations gone by. You have a family including two young daughters, a beautiful home with a pool, and an excellent managerial job with high career prospects for the future.

Would you give all this up to follow a dream?

Sakkie Meeuwsen did it, when he left Cape Town in South Africa to move to the Isle of Man in 1990. That was the birth of Bodystat.

Sakkie heard about Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) in the 1980’s and, as a keen fitness fanatic, he immediately saw the potential benefits the technology would bring the leisure industry, as well as the health and medical fields.

“BIA just made absolute sense. It provides the key to measuring inside the body, to track your fitness by monitoring muscle and fat, rather than relying on the inconstancies of a scale which only measure total body weight. BIA has since revolutionised the fitness industry and has helped dozens of athletes remain on track for peak performance.”

Always the inventor, Sakkie continues to develop BIA applications to further the Bodystat product line. He is considered an expert in the electronics and design, and works closely with researchers to continually improve on BIA technology.

Sakkie’s drive, passion and dedicated hard work throughout the past 30 years, has brought Bodystat to where it is today: a global leader in BIA technology.