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Pilot Study of the effect of a collagen hydrolysate supplement, Slendernight, on inch and weight loss.

The Shadi Danin Clinic, Hove, BN3 4SL. England
Trial Dates: 1 June 2001 – 25 July 2001 (8 weeks)
Introduction: The purpose of the current study was to test the successful North American experience with collagen hydrolysate in aiding slimmers to reduce excess fat, while maintaining lean muscle development.  Volunteers’ body fat was measured with a Bodystat 1500 machine (Bodystat Ltd. Isle of Man) and blood pressure taken. All were weighed and had height, waist and hip measurements taken.  Photographs were taken at baseline and 8 weeks. Other subjective factors were also monitored, especially sleep patterns, skin quality, energy levels, and pre-existing aches and joint mobility.
Volunteers and Methods: 12 volunteers completed an eight week course of Slendernight in accordance with the instructions. These instructions were to refrain from eating or drinking anything apart from water, unsweetened grapefruit juice or herbal teas, for 3 hours before going to sleep, and to take one tablespoon/ 15ml of Slendernight in a 200ml glass of water, immediately before going to sleep. Otherwise they were to eat a normal, balanced diet and do no special additional exercise. The volunteers who enrolled all wished to improve their figures and lose some fat. They completed a registration form and signed their consent. Each completed a simple test for the presence of excess yeast in their digestive system and for any thyroid imbalance, as these factors are claimed by the manufacturers to inhibit the proper function of collagen hydrolysate supplementation (and other means of slimming). The baseline evaluation was conducted on 1st June, with interim monitoring at 4 weeks, and full evaluation after 8 weeks.  There was final informal monitoring at the end of August (12 weeks). The full evaluation was conducted after 8 weeks, because of the problems of pursuing the test over the August summer holiday period.   However all volunteers were given sufficient Slendernight to complete the normally recommended three month course.
Results: A significant reduction in excess fat was observed in the group, together with several additional benefits. The volunteers and the adjudicators could see the reduction in waist lines and most commented on looser clothing, new belt holes etc. Improvements to the skin were seen in almost every case. This looked smoother, better hydrated and clearer. Many of the volunteers had noticed better and more refreshing sleep, and more energy. All volunteers had found compliance easy, were pleased to have done the trial and were happy with their results. 10 demonstrated obvious inch loss, especially from around the waist, with some modest accompanying loss of weight – which showed that lean muscle tissue was being maintained, while fat was being lost. The average reduction in waist size of the whole group over 8 weeks was 5.09cm (2”)and the weight loss 1.96kg (4.3lbs). The best results being achieved by Mr CD who lost 9cm (3 ½ “) from his waist and 4kg (9lbs), and Mrs LG who lost 8cm (3”) and 5kg (11lbs) over 8 weeks. No adverse reactions were observed in the group.
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