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Use of the Bodystat 1500

The Bodystat 1500 is a lightweight, portable, battery operated device that gives measurement results in seconds.

Little or no training is required to use a Bodystat 1500. Whilst the person being measured is lying down, four electrodes (two on the hands and two on the feet) are attached to lead wires. Age, weight, height and gender input details are added and after 3 seconds all body composition results and metabolic rate information display on the screen.

The measurement uses a frequency at 50kHz.

Optional Thermal Printer available, connected by Bluetooth for instant print-out of results.


Bodystat 1500

The Bodystat 1500 model is the standard body composition monitor giving accurate statistics for body fat, lean muscle mass and hydration. It is the most popular device used in the gyms and by personal trainers (optional extras include advanced software to maximise the motivational aspect of the results)



  • Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight
  • Lean Mass Percentage and Lean Weight
  • Body Water Percentage and Total Body Water
  • Plus Normal Levels for each of the above including ideal body weight based on the subject’s actual body composition analysis
  • Dry Lean Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement*
  • Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
  • Waist/Hip Ratio
  • Impedance Values at 50 kHz



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