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Use of the Bodystat Multiscan 5000

The Multiscan 5000 is a spectroscopy device measuring the Volume of Fluid Overload (OHY) in Litres. The OHY is immediately visible on the colour touch screen and the amount of excess fluid is shown in seconds on the first screen.

BIVA graphs are also available on screen for further simple body composition and overhydration analysis.

The measurements are non-invasive, quick and reproducable, measuring at 50 frequencies ranging from 5kHz to 1000kHz.

The Multiscan 5000 is used particularly in dialysis clinics to assist in the assessment of Dry Weight.

The Multiscan is also used as an early warning indicator for lymphodema as the device is able to detect tiny shifts of fluid inside the body. This is Bodystat’s most sensitive and accurate machine to detect these fluids.

The colour touch screen displays all body composition and hydration results within seconds and all measurements can be downloaded into BIS software for trending analysis and monitoring.


Bodystat Multiscan 5000

The Multiscan is a spectroscopy (BIS) device to measure the Volume of Fluid Overload in litres, particularly for Dialysis and Lymphoedema.

Currently unavailable, under redevelopment.



  • Fat % and weight and normal ranges
  • Lean % and weight and normal ranges
  • Dry Lean Weight
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM)*
  • Body Cell Mass*
  • Total Body Water % and in litres plus normal ranges
  • ECW %* and volume (ltrs) plus normal ranges
  • ICW %* and volume (ltrs) plus normal ranges
  • Volume of Over-Hydration in Litres (OHY)*
  • Nutrition Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rates*
  • BMR/Body Weight*
  • Average Daily Requirement (calories)*
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and normal ranges
  • BFMI (Body Fat Mass Index) and normal ranges
  • FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) and normal ranges
  • Waist/Hip Ratio
  • Prediction Markerâ„¢
  • Impedance, Resistance, Reactance and Phase Angle values at 50 frequencies from 5kHz to 1000kHz
  • BIVA Vector Graph including population reference selection*
  • Cole-Cole Plot
  • Cell Membrane Capacitance*
  • Characteristic Frequency*


Multiscan 5000 uses the long Bodystat 0525 electrodes (four per measurement)


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