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Randomized, Multi-center Trial of Two Hypo-energetic Diets in Obese Subject: High- Versus Low-fat Content

Petersen M|Taylor MA|Saris WHM|Verdich C|Toubro S|Macdonald I|Rössner S|Stich V|Guy-Grand B|Langin D|Martinez JA|Pedersen O|Holst C|Sørensen TIA|Astrup A|The Nugenob Consortium
International Journal of Obesity (2005) 1–9
OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether a hypo-energetic low-fat diet is superior to a hypo-energetic high-fat diet for the treatment of obesity.
DESIGN: Open-label, 10-week dietary intervention comparing two hypo-energetic (-600 kcal/day) diets with a fat energy percent of 20–25 or 40–45.
SUBJECTS: Obese (BMI ≥30 kg/m2) adult subjects (n=771), from eight European centers.
MEASUREMENTS: Body weight loss, dropout rates, proportion of subjects who lost more than 10% of initial body weight, blood lipid profile, insulin and glucose. Fat Mass and fat-free mass were assessed by multifrequency bioimpedance (Bodystat® QuadScan 4000, Isle of Man, British Isles).
RESULTS: The dietary fat energy percent was 25% in the low-fat group and 40% in the high-fat group (mean difference: 16 (95% confidence interval (CI) 15–17)%). Average weight loss was 6.9 kg in the low-fat group and 6.6 kg in the high-fat group (mean difference: 0.3 (95% CI -0.2 to 0.8) kg). Dropout was 13.6% (n=53) in the low-fat group and 18.3% (n=70) in the high-fat group (P=0.001). Among completers, more subjects lost >10% in the low-fat group than in the high-fat group ((20.8%, n=70) versus (14.7%, n=46), P=0.02). Fasting plasma total, low-density lipoprotein- and high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol decreased in both groups, but more so in the low-fat group than in the high-fat group. Fasting plasma insulin and glucose were lowered equally by both diets.
CONCLUSIONS: The low-fat diet produced similar mean weight loss as the high-fat diet, but resulted in more subjects losing >10% of initial body weight and fewer dropouts. Both diets produced favorable changes in fasting blood lipids, insulin and glucose.
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