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Reliability of Bioimpedance Methods in Dialysis Patients

Wilkieson TJ|Ranganath N|Robinson KR|Prieur AJ|Rabbat CG|Gangji AS|Ingram AJ|Goldsmith CH|Clase CM
Presented at the ASN-American Society Nephrology Oct 2009

  • Reflects body composition
  • Is easy, inexpensive and non-invasive to perform
  • Some measures of bioimpedance have been shown to predict death1 Volume status
  • Is difficult to assess
  • Many correlates of volume status appear to be on causal pathways towards cardiovascular disease and death
  • Can be manipulated
  • Is a potential therapeutic target

Conclusion About 90% of the observed variance in phase angle and in vector length is due to true variation between patients. The test is not operator dependent and a period of a week between tests did not account for variance beyond error variance.
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