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    Medical Professionals

    Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for the medical profession
    providing detailed core cellular health diagnosis across a
    range of medical conditions including dialysis, obesity,
    paediatrics and many other medical conditions.

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    Research Scientists

    Internationally acclaimed Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis devices
    offering the research scientist and the medical profession extensive
    insights into a wide range of medical conditions, existing and predictive.

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    Gyms & Fitness Professionals

    Advanced whole body composition analysis. Simple to use
    yet incredibly detailed, Bodystat devices also encourage
    greater interaction with members and can act as a strong
    USP to win new members and increase revenues.

Advanced body composition and core cellular health measurement and analysis

Bodystat – pioneering bio-impedance technology

Spanning 25 years, the Bodystat story has encompassed international acclaim for its medical, research and fitness utilisation of bio-electrical impedance for body composition analysis. Used globally and renowned for its in-depth analysis and consistent accuracy, our latest range of BIA devices have been proven in many medical research papers, which are available from this website.

Welcome to Bodystat, a company committed to improving health care accurately and cost effectively.

Body Composition

Measuring full body composition rather than using a simple BMI calculation is far more accurate to assess the amount of body fat, muscle and fluid within the body. BMI (Body Mass Index) uses total body weight, and does not distinguish between fat and muscle weight. By using the Bodystat devices, you receive a detailed analysis of exactly what total body weight comprises of in terms of fat, muscle and fluid. These are all important parameters to track when maintaining an exercise or health plan.


Whether for the highly trained athlete, the health conscious gymnmasium, the post-operative medical patient or the research scientist, monitoring and managing hydration is crucial in physical performance and in clinical practice. Bioelectrical impedance offers consistent and reliable data to easily measure hydration levels in every setting. As well as measuring total body water, Bodystat measures the water outside and inside the cells, giving values for intracellular and extracellular water in litres and as a percentage of total body weight. Normal ranges for age, height, gender and weight are also given so that an individual or practitioner can easily track results that are within or out of range. The Bodystat Multiscan will also estimate the volume of fluid overload in litres.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Bodystat have been pioneering medical devices that utilise bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) for over a quarter century. The basic principle of BIA is that lean tissue, which consists essentially of electrolyte-containing water, conducts the electrical current, whereas the fat acts as an insulator. The impedance of the body is therefore determined largely by the low-impedance lean tissues. Regression equations are then derived which relate impedance to Fat-Free Mass (FFM) or Total Body Water (TBW) measured by independent techniques.

Bodystat BIA technology has been used extensively in clinical research with many of the associated papers available from our website.

Phase Angle

An important analytical tool in research and nutrition, and based on the laws of physics which dictate the assessment of Phase Angle. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis assesses body composition by measuring resistance (R) and reactance (Xc) (through capacitance) of a current through cells. By recording the voltage drop between the applied current and the two output sites, the phase shift is measured and the Phase Angle determined. Phase Angle (PA) is a prognostic indicator of the nutritional health status of your cells (by measuring your cell membrane functionality). When you have healthy, functioning cells, your body will reflect this with a high PA value (measured in degrees). However if the cell membrane functionality is compromised in some way or for whatever reason, health issues begin to arise with lower PA values which can often lead back to cellular health. Phase Angle analysis is widely used by dietitians to analyse the nutritional status of a subject. Bodystat is unique in that we MEASURE Phase Angle rather than calculating Phase Angle providing a more accurate assessment of health.

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Prediction Marker

Monitor the cellular health and fluid status of patients pre and post treatment quickly and efficiently. The Prediction Marker or Impedance Ratio measures the variance between the two impedance values at 5 kHz and 200 kHz. The greater the variance, the healthier the body cells meaning good nutritional and hydration status – a simple, quick and ultra efficient means of monitoring recovery during lengthy treatments. This principle, unique to Bodystat with supportive evidence based scientific publications, applies to any gender, population and age group since it uses the accurately measured raw data values only; no complex algorithms are used. The Prediction Marker is NOT intended to give advice on diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

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BIAS Body Manager Software

The BIAS BODY MANAGER SOFTWARE is recommended when subsequent repeat tests are performed on the same subject to track changes in body composition and other health parameters. The reports provide deep insights that expose trends which can be used for multiple purposes, such as, weight loss programmes, client motivation, accurate health assessment and early warning indicators for cardiovascular disease.

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