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We are passionate about bringing you the most reliable, accurate and portable BIA devices delivering body composition measurements you can trust. After 30 years in business, solely dedicated to bioelectrical impedance, we pride ourselves as being experts in the field. We work closely with our researchers to bring you the latest in BIA and BIS technology, so with Bodystat, you don’t have to worry about reproducibility or reliability. We have done this for you.

We are a family run business, passionate in what we do. Call us, and we pick up the phone personally, no automated voicemail box.


Looking for a simple device to monitor patient’s health and well-being? Bodystat measures nutritional status, fat-free mass, body fat and fluid shifts inside the body, non-invasively. Measurements are quick, require little or no training. Comparable to gold standards, the device is affordable, hand-held and portable. We don’t use scales as we believe the medically graded and calibrated electrodes provide the most accurate results.


For advanced, non-invasive fluid management, malnutrition monitoring and impedance raw data measurements, Bodystat is comparable to DXA and hydrostatic weighing. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is used in research as a quick, affordable, accurate and reproducible method to measure hydration, fat-free mass and adipose tissue inside the body. BIA delivers an affordable and accessible option to access these measurements on a frequent basis in research scenarios to monitor minute changes within the body. Bodystat do not use scales therefore ensuring accuracy and reproducibility. Click here for all our research papers


An increasing number of gyms are turning to Bodystat to keep ahead of their competition. Bodystat is able to offer accurate, medically graded body composition results within seconds. Clients can track the smallest of changes between gym sessions increasing their motivation and improving the trainer’s ability to give accurate advice on exercise or diet. Bodystat has proven results in increasing client retention, motivation and referrals due to satisfaction, ultimately dramatically increasing profit for gymnasiums, leisure centres and personal trainers.


    Bodystat 500

    The Bodystat 500 is a pocket sized touch screen device to give only raw data measurements including Phase Angle. These data can be used within any published regression equation. To calculate body composition and hydration. Or simply as a measure of nutritional status.


    Bodystat 1500

    The Bodystat 1500 model measures body fat, muscle and hydration. This makes the Bodystat 1500 the ideal device for gyms, personal trainers and wellness centres.


    New Bodystat 1500 Touch


    1500 MDD

    The 1500 MDD is the first choice for Dietitians and Nutritionists who need to monitor nutritional status, cellular health as well as body composition measurements.


    Quadscan 4000

    The Quadscan 4000 is the preferred product in the hospital and medical setting to monitor hydration, acute body composition measurements and nutritional assessment. The Quadscan also measures cellular health and minute fluid shifts inside and outside the cells.


    Multiscan 5000

    The Multiscan is a spectroscopy (BIS) device to measure the Volume of Fluid Overload in litres, particularly for Dialysis and Lymphoedema.



Is Phase Angle the new Fitness Biomarker?

Phase Angle has gained popularity in the medical environment and now it seems it has found a niche within the fitness industry. Could Phase Angle be an early warning indicator for sports injury?

Bringing it Back to Basics

With Fitness Apps on the rise, are we losing sight on what we should be measuring over what we “can” measure. Are these Apps just gimmicks? We shed some light over some of these ‘buzz’ terms.


What is BIA anyway? This blog explains it all…

BIA, or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, is a quick, noninvasive method of measuring body composition accurately and conveniently.

TNF-α is associated with loss of lean body mass only in already cachectic COPD patients

Eagan TML|Gabazza EC|D’Alessandro-Gabazza C|Gil-Bernabe P|Aoki S|Hardie JA|Bakke PS|Wagner PD
Respiratory Research 2012, 13:48

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