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Bodystat 1500 Touch Device

Product Description

Bodystat’s first Touch Screen device, the 1500 Touch. Package Includes:

  • 1500 Touch Screen Bio-electrical impedance measurement device
  • Set of 1 metre LEMO leadwires (2 leadwires)
  • 100 electrodes (1 packet = 25 tests)
  • Protective bag
  • Users Guide
  • Report Pad
  • Calibrator Checker
  • 12 month warranty (excludes leadwires)

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch Device

Product Description

The 1500MDD standard starter package includes:

  • 1500MDD Bio-electrical impedance measurement device
  • Set of 1 metre LEMO leadwires (2 leadwires)
  • 120 electrodes (3 packets = 30 tests)
  • Padded Shoulder Bag
  • Users Guide
  • Calibrator Checker
  • Body Manager Pro Windows software
  • 12 month warranty (excludes leadwires)



Educating clients and members about true body composition rather than relying on weighing scales.


The majority of international fitness centres charge their members for The Bodystat Test – a proven revenue generator of 30-50k pa for the average instructor.

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Members love the depth of analysis The Bodystat Test gives them – which always leads them to share their statistics with friends and increase referrals.


Bodystat devices are able to give you an exact breakdown for fat, lean muscle and water, so you can see exactly where you are losing or gaining weight.

understanding BIA


Keep clients motivated to continue with their fitness regime, since they will be able to see the subtle changes that are taking place within their body composition.


Bodystat devices provide accurate results on body composition and hydration status and have many research papers comparing our devices against gold standards.

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